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Aroma Oil Massage

Emerge into the "Sensual World" of wonderful flavors and fragrances. Let your mind relax.

For your own individual aroma oil massage you can choose between the following 7 essential oils, which have either a soothing, balancing or stimulating effect.


Treatment:         55 min € 85.-, 90 min € 115.-

Cherry Blossom - balance -

The blend of gently-scented cherry blossom extract and rich jojoba, coconut and soyabean oils indulges the skin during a massage, ensuring a natural radiance. The refreshingly flowery scent maintains a mind-body balance. 


Orange Lemongrass - active -

The combination of aromatic orange and invigorating lemongrass oil with rich jojoba, coconut and soya oil lends this unique Massage Oil an exhilarating character. The refreshing aroma activates body and spirit.


Lemon Mint - active -

The combination of refreshing lemon and softly stimulating mint oil with rich jojoba, coconut and soya oil lends this unique Massage Oil an exhilarating character. The dynamic aroma activates body and spirit.


Perlmutt - skin protect -

The beauty secret of regenerative mother of pearl lies hidden in the precious active component that protects the clam from the rough livind conditions under the sea. Many minerals, such as bio-active calsium, amino acids and trace elements, provide the skin with a natural elasticity and softness.


Wild Rose - calm -

Delicately fragrant rose petal extract calms the epidermis and leaves the skin feeling well-balanced. Valuable wild rose oil moisturizes and gently cares for the skin, leaving it beautifully soft. Rich jojoba, coconut and soy oils make your skin soft and silky and smooth pores.


Lavender Malve - calm -

Lavender and mallow are known für their stress-reducing and calming properties. The essential oils they contain, with their unique aromas, lend a garmonising character to each massage, also incl. rich jojoba, coconut and soya oil. The fine aroma promotes relaxation of body and spirit.


Zirbe - calm -

The blend of warming Swiss Stone Pine oil with rich jojoba, coconut and soya oils provide intensive skin care and contributes to deep relaxation. The woody, aromatic fragrance relaxes and provides strength.


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